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Our International Students Participating “The 3rd Silk Road Youth Tour”

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From December 1 to 8, the 3rdSilk Road Youth Tour, jointly organized by Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Province People's Government and Department of International Economic Affairsof Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was successfully held in Jiangsu Province. A delegation comprising of 51 international students from “One belt, one road” countries, with  8  of our university and 43 of Nanjing University, Southeast University and Nanjing University of Science and Technology, paid a visit to Nanjing, Nantong, Huaian and Suqian sequentially, enjoying culture feasts and strengthening traditional friendship.

At Nanjing massacre memorial hallthe darkest part of Chinese history with severe atrocities and inhumane crimes committed by Japanese army during their invasion into china, evoked in all the students extreme hatred for the brutality of war and ardent love for peace. Farris, a student from Yemen, expressed his longing for peace for all his country fellows who were still in social turmoil. When the delegation visited Rugao Shuihui Garden and China Water Transport Museum, they could not help exclaiming the super intelligent of ancient Chinese people and highly richness of Chinese culture. Apart from appreciating magnificent Chinese culture, the delegation was invited to Nanjing Software Valley and Nanjing Zhongtian Science and Techonlogy Corporation, experiencing animatedly the development of advanced techonolgies in China.

It is worth mentioning that all the international students were personally involved in paper cut, Chinese Knot knitting and many other craft-making activities with Chinese students in Huaiyin Normal University. Students of our university planted a Heather tree in the International Friendship Memorial Wood of Santai Mountain Park, indicating sincerely their wish for the long lasting love and friendship between China and foreign countries.

With 8 days of “Silk Road Youth Tour”, all the international students were impressed on the great development and contribution of the ancient Silk Road and simultaneously recognized the opportunities and challenges in constructing “One Belt, One Road”. By way of visiting, explorating and experiencing, the students consolidated their belief in “Keeping peace, Pursuing harmony, Learning from each other and Working for each other”. Cherishing the opportunity to go outside of campus, the international students witnessed the rapid development of Jiangsu in economy, society and culture and strengthened the friendship with each other, as well as all the people they got to know along the “Silk Road Tour” Wenbing Zhen, a Malaysian student of our university, said “Chinese culture reminds me of my root. I would like to shoulder my responsibilities of Silk Road Youth, devoting myself to the prosperity and peace of Silk Road countries.