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Overseas Students participating “Love in Nanjing. International Youth Festival”

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On September 24, more than 20 foreign students of our university took part in “Love in Nanjing. International Youth Communication Meeting” and 2016 Outside Tent Assembly held in Yuzui Wetland Park of Nanjing. This activity was hosted by Jiangsu Provincial Education Department, Nanjing Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and Nanjing Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of Foreign Affairs, jointly organized by Association of Foreign Student Education Management in Jiangsu Province and Jiangsu Maiqiu Culture Media Co., Ltd. Foreign youth from various countries gathered together and communicated with each other in a warm and exciting air.

The Communication Meeting mainly consisted of world dancing show, exotic culture exhibition, innovative markets, intangible cultural heritage demonstration, foreign food display and sale, and so on. On the center stage, overseas students of our university made wonderful performances, winning gusts of applauses from the audience. With his two Chinese songs “Zebra”and “Common Road”, Bangladesh student Meem Abdullah Naiem sang his love for China and Chinese culture; “Beautiful Saigon “performed by Viet Nam student Biyue Chen ushered the audience into her beloved homeland unknowingly; The fabulous “B-Boxing”of Shixiong Ruan brought the show to the climax. On the foreign culture show, the exhibition of Viet Nam students of our university attracted great attention from all the attendants with their traditional customs, local pictures and photos, and exquisite crafts.


“Love in Nanjing, International Youth Communication Feast” revealed to be an effective platform of cultural exchange between china and foreign countries. It not only provided a good chance for Nanjing people to appreciate multiple cultural similarities and disparities, but also a beneficial experience for overseas students to enrich their cultural lives with deeper insight into traditional Chinese culture, folk arts and local customs and life-styles of Nanjing people.