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2016 Fall Opening Ceremony for Overseas Students

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The opening ceremony of fall semester was held to welcome newly-enrolled APFNet scholarship students and other overseas students at 60416 conference room of Biological Technology Building. The attendants of the ceremony are Vice president, Professor Pingping Li, directors of relevant departments, student advisor representative, as well as 30 new students from 18 countries such as Lao PRD, Mongolia, Chile, Uzbekistan, and so on.  The ceremony was presided over by Jiangang Zhu, director of College of International Education.

The ceremony started with an address from vice president Pingping Li in which she extended her warm welcome to the new international students and introduced the long history, fully equipped learning resources and comfortable living environment of our university.  She also inspired the new students to attach importance to both specialized knowledge and Chinese language studies, as well as intimate involvement in various cultural activities, thereby obtain insight into Chinese culture and make contribution to the cultural exchange and friendship strengthening between different countries in the world.

Xiaoyan Zhou, On behalf of students’ advisors, encouraged new overseas students to overcome language obstacles and threw them into the new study, growing to be active members in the academic circle of Nanjing Forestry University.

One of the student representatives and doctor candidates, KouroshMohammadi shared his 2-year experience of effective learning and meaningful life in Nanjing Forestry University, hoping the new comers to work hard and learn to be useful person, holding limitless promise in future. Muhamed Jamal Hosen Talukder on behalf of new students expressed his excitement of winning the opportunity to study in NFU with APFNet scholarship. Also he, as well as all the APFNet students, promised to take advantage of 2-year program to grasp professional knowledge, thereby contributing to forestry development and ecological environment conservation throughout the world.

After the opening ceremony, College of International Education held an orientation of new students. An officer of Exit-Entry Administration Office of Nanjing Public Security Bureau was invited to present a safety education seminar about relevant laws and regulations, polices, and safety information closely related to the study and the life of overseas students.