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The Class of 2016 International Students' Graduation Ceremony

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The class of 2016 international students in Nanjing forestry university and The first APFNet scholarship program students graduation ceremony was held in Biotechnology building on Jun 24th. Vice-president doctor Li Ping, Deputy director of the APFNet, Graduate school, international cooperation place, forestry college, business school, garden college, the relevant person in charge of international education college ,the representative of the foreign student mentor and the class of 2016 graduate students participated in graduation ceremony. Zhu Jiangang, the dean of the international education college was in charge of the graduation ceremony.

Li Pingping made a speech and awarded certification for the international graduate students. She expressed congratulations to the graduates especially to the APFNet scholarship program students.

Xia Jun made a speech on behalf of APFNet. He expressed congratulations to the 9 APFNet scholarship program students, and spoke highly of the difficulties they had overcame and the achievements they had got. He also hoped they would made a greater progress during their working time.

The representative of the mentors Doctor Ruan Honghua recalled the time he spent with foreign students. And Muhammad Ramzan, the representative of the international students, expressed his appreciation to the APFNet scholarship program which gave him the chance to came to China and he feel grateful to the teachers who gave him help during the two years he spent in Nanjing Forestry University.

The class of 2016 international students in our university count up to 14 students, including 3 doctors and 11 masters, and they are from Malaysia, Nepal, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Cameroon, Iran, Mongolia, Mexico, etc.