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Notice about the Winter Vacation

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Winter Vacation: From January 13thto February 16th

Registration Period: February 16th

New Semester: Started from February 17th

Please pay attention that all the students should come back to university and attend classes on time!

For any enquiries, please refer to the staffs on duty during the winter vacation as follows:


Name of Staff


January 13-15

Ms. Zhuang Qing

Room 213

January 16、17、20

Ms. Zhao Li

Room 210

January 21-23

Ms. Zhang Ying

Room 207

January 31, February 3-4

Ms. Ji Chun

Room 209

February 5-7

Mr. Zhu Jiangang

Room 205

February 10-11

Ms. Yu Qiuping

Room 207

February 12-13

Ms. Yuan Lijun

Room 115

February 14-15

Ms. Gao Xue

Room 213

Student Safety Precautions

1.      Abide by Chinese laws and university regulations, and observe public order.

2.      Take your passport with you when traveling. Make sure to register with the local police station within 24 hours of arrival in a new location. Pay attention to your safety and always mind your personal belongings with you.

3.      Please pay attention to the usage of fire and electricity, return to the dormitory on time in the evening.

4.      Do not use high-voltage and prohibited electric appliances (above 1000w) in dormitories.

5.      Adhere to traffic rules when walking outside.

6.      Pay attention to food hygiene. Do not consume uncertified products. Go to the hospital immediately when feeling unwell.